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The First Fusion of Four Technologies




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DS4 is an entirely new Directed Experience for Retailers and Consumers and provides the simplest of solutions, opening the door to the Internet-of-Things for the widest range of vehicles.

Below are more answers to questions about what DS4 is all about.

Due to the ALL NEW programing experience, the DS4 will have its own NEW programming application called DirectLink. The new app provides a seamless configuration tool that flashes over Bluetooth. The new app also includes new, easy to use, resources for DirectWire, Firmware lookup, SmartStart Activation, guides, Chat, and News!
Directechs will prompt you to upgrade XpressVIP to DirectLink. Once this upgrade has completed, Directechs will allow you to configure the DS4 system.
There is an opening built into the packaging which aligns with the flashing port on DS4. All you have to do is plug in and go to to flash.
DS4 and DS4+ feature a NEW way of connecting accessories to the system. Rather than separate ports for the antenna, sensors, and telematics, we have created a series of Smart D2D 2.0 ports that allow you to simply plug-in accessories and let the DS4 manage them for you.
There are 3 of these D2D 2.0 ports that can support a total of 8 accessories in parallel. Additionally one of these ports, the white one, can be configured to connect D2D 1.0 compatible accessories, such as cell-based SmartStart and SmartStart GPS control options.
There are 3 of these D2D 2.0 ports that can support a total of 8 compatible accessories in parallel. One of these ports, the white one, can be configured to connect D2D 1.0 compatible accessories such as SmartStart and SmartStart GPS control modules.
Yes, the base system includes a remote mountable temperature sensor. The temperature is reported to both the 2-way LED and LCD remote types.
Sure does! Simply add the DS4SU (Security Upgrade kit) to the DS4 and enable security functions during programming. The Security Upgrade kit includes a miniature siren and a 3-in-1 sensor. The sensor monitors shock, tilt and temperature.
Yes! There is a new series of harnesses available that are universal for both the DS4 and DS4+ platforms. Please locate the specific t-harness for your application on
The fuses onboard allow relays to be configured in + or – configurations for maximum flexibility. This also allows for cleaner installation and removes the need for fuses on the compatible T-harnesses.
With the DS4 platform you are looking at unprecedented expandability and compatibility which ultimately will translate to fewer SKUs to stock and faster installation times for your techs. Obviously faster install times translate to more profit.
You will receive near-range control of DS4 via Bluetooth®, which should result in a maximum range of about 30 feet. For additional range or GPS please check out our outboard Directed SmartStart units.
You can lock, unlock (actively), remote start, trunk release and activate panic from Bluetooth range. Notifications can also be received from Bluetooth range. System settings can only be configured by your installing retailer.
There are a few key features that will protect your vehicle. Starter kill will keep your car from starting when the system is in the armed state. Additionally, the 3-in-1 sensor monitors vibration and tilt when armed. Vibrations typically occur when a thief attempts to enter the vehicle. Tilt monitors angle of the vehicle when armed to prevent wheel and tire theft.



DS4 Technology makes our category of solutions simple, efficient and easier to execute.

Engage Consumers in an Entirely New Way by Offering Short-Range Directed SmartStart and a Shock/Tilt Sensor for Free.

DS4 Systems Require Fewer SKU’s and Allow Retailers to Custom Configure Their Inventory and Update as Needed.

Benefits of DS4 Digital Technology For Dealers


New and exciting features

that will drive consumers into your store.

Configurable and expandable

inventory reduces cost.

Faster installations

mean more vehicles through the bay, which equals more profits.


Benefits of DS4 Digital Technology For Installers


Auto firmware lookup

from the vehicle identification number.

Smart D2D2.0 Bus Ports

to connect peripherals.

Simplified documentation

that provides just what’s needed.



Directed DS4 Systems open the door to the Internet-of-things for our consumers.

Directed DS4 Systems Include Free Short-Range Directed SmartStart and Shock/Tilt Sensor.

Directed DS4 Systems with Bluetooth Smart® Technology Connect Your Vehicle to Your Mobile Life.

New Details Available Every Month on How Directed DS4 Systems Connect You to the Internet-of-Things (IOT).

Benefits of DS4 Digital Technology For Consumers


Interface included

no additional purchase required.

Free smartphone control

via Bluetooth technology.

Optional shock sensor/tilt sensor/temperature sensor

provides ultimate protection for the vehicle.