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Directed Announces Updated Dealer Agreements to Protect and Empower Brick and Mortar Retailers

Directed Announces Updated Dealer Agreements to Protect and Empower Brick and Mortar Retailers

~ A Winning Playbook for 12 Volt Partners to Sell Successfully In-Store and Online ~

VISTA, Calif. (October 25, 2019) – Directed announced today a new suite of sales policies to protect its valued 12 Volt dealer partners and enable them to compete effectively in today’s changing retail landscape.

“We listen very closely to feedback from our dealer partners, and they have consistently emphasized the importance of protecting our brands and channel, especially as consumer electronics internet sales become an expanding part of the business,” said Bob Struble, Directed CEO. “These comprehensive policies will safeguard brick and mortar retailers from unauthorized online sales and set clear guidelines for them to expand their online businesses. I’m thrilled about how these actions will protect and empower our retailers.”

The actions include a Unilateral Pricing Policy (UPP) and comprehensive Online Selling policies. “These policies will give us the ability to strongly control our products on the internet,” said Al Fontane, Vice President Sales. “Only our authorized dealers will be allowed to sell online. We can then systematically clean up sales that hurt our brand perception. If we find unauthorized products online, we’re going to take them down.”

Directed is also serializing all of its systems. “We can then police the sale of all products, both direct and distributor lines with enhanced teeth. Where our products are sold is vital to consumer satisfaction. The highly skilled professional installers at our brick and mortar 12 Volt partners ensure the best possible consumer experience,” said Fontane.

Additionally, Directed is moving to ISP-based access for the Directechs Technical Support database to prevent unauthorized use. “Directechs is the gold standard for vehicle wiring diagrams,” said Struble. “We spend millions to provide this important benefit to our retailer partners. ISP-based access will allow us to provide the best information, give easy access to our dealers and eliminate unauthorized use. Having protected access to Directechs will again become a competitive advantage for our 12 Volt partners.”

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